Looking to develop your 5-10 year old son or daughter physically, mentally and emotionally?

This is not a Basketball, Football, Soccer, or any other Specified Youth Sports Training Program. UCU is designed to help train and develop younger children, Mind, Body, and Emotions. We will lay the groundwork for your child to be at the Top of their athletic performance, no matter what sport they choose. Maybe they won’t play a particular sport...maybe they are into Liberal Arts. Maybe They’re ahead of the curve Mentally and prefer activities that challenge them mentally...UCU will help those children develop a Strong sense of Confidence, Live a Healthier Life, and function without reacting Emotionally! This Program is NOT the NORMAL basic training’s a Comprehensive Training Program built to yield Top Physical Results...but designed for Children Ages 5 - 10! Jumpstart your Son and/ or daughter today! Our Program targets Competitive Mental and Emotional Toughness to also combat Childhood Obesity and to TREMENDOUSLY REDUCE the chance of your child becoming a victim of Bullying! If you know someone with children, the ages of 5 - 10 Please Share with them. Discounts available for multiple siblings