Mission Statement

FOCUS Basketball Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide positive role models and aid in the character development of youth. We will promote a positive, productive and challenging environment. We build positive self-worth and promote diversity by engaging kids in fun and competitive play. Through lessons learned in our program, our goal is to increase the chances that youths will make positive choices and become independent and productive members of society. FOCUS is shaped by four main pillars of idealogy.

1. Academics
We are committed to reinforcing the importance of education to the youth of our program. We hold high expectations for all of our members in regards to them putting forth their best effort in the classroom.

2. Athletics
We feel that participation in the sports is a great tool to teach skills that can be utilized to help youth better understand the qualities needed to be successful, as well as, lessons that can be beneficial to them throughout their lives.

3. Character
The qualities that are essential to having good character are the central theme of our academy and are constantly reinforced through different elements of the program.

4. Community
We stress to our members the importance of having a sense of responsibility to give back to the community.